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‘7 Critical Questions to Ask

When Hiring a Coach’:

The coaching market is saturated and murky. Be sure to ask these seven
critical questions to ensure you’re working with the ‘right’ coach for you.

This guide will help you:

  • Gain confidence you’re hiring the best coach
  • Decipher between a qualified ‘coach’ and a ‘consultant’
  • Navigate the minefield of coaching qualifications
  • Be equipped with curly questions you need to ask
  • Source the best ‘certified’ and skilled coaches

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Coaching – No one size fits all.

A different coach is required during different phases of a leaders’ development. One coach may be a great fit for one person but a complete disaster for another. The danger is trusting word-of-mouth referrals or selecting from a limited pool of coaches and assuming that they will be the right fit for you.
We are coach experts. Why? Because we are ‘certified’, highly experienced coaches who have earned credibility in the field. And we have the largest network of certified and skilled coaches in Australia. If you’re struggling to find a great coach, let us help. Get in touch and we will connect you to your perfect coach.

Hi, I’m Cindy Turner… Inspirer, Catalyst and CEO of Coach Central.

With over 20 years of HR experience and an experienced Master Coach, I am super passionate about enabling human capital. I have a deep understanding of human behaviour, developing capability and am well placed to discuss your people strategy from a business, coaching and HR perspective.

My passion is simple… I love to inspire and enable people to be their best selves. Only then, can we have engaged and high-performing workplaces.

A little bit about me…

I am an entrepreneur and visionary of what’s possible. I love to challenge the status quo and activate others to get more of what they want. I believe that we are the author or our own story and that anything is achievable with a vision and determination to get there.

I am Canadian-born and have lived half of my life in Australia so I’m now a full-fledged quasi-Aussie!


‘Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.’

I believe:

That you are the author writing your story
That you can have anything you want
That you possess gifts and talents that are unique to you
That certainty and confidence make you attractive
That life throws you curve balls to teach you valuable lessons
That life’s challenges are what define you
That there’s always another way
That real success is when your work allows the full expression of you
That you can do work that’s right for you
That you are bound for great things
That your best life is waiting for you to step in to